General Commissions

Needed from you:
(Providing info does not constitute an agreement)

  • Description (Be as detailed as possible. Reference pictures are a huge help!)
  • Approximate Dimensions
  • Medium/Materials (Paintings are generally done with acrylics on stretched canvas; If other medium is preferred, please state.)
  • Deadline

Painting prices begin at:

  • 5"x7"         $     35
  • 8"x10"       $     80
  • 11"x14"     $   154
  • 12"x16"     $   192
  • 16"x20"     $   320
  • 24"x36"     $   864
  • Other sizes also available! (Beginning price can be determined by multiplying "length" by "width").
  • Prices do not reflect tax or shipping costs.
  • Canvases larger than 24"x36" are subject to a "large package surcharge" which drastically increase shipping costs.

When an agreement is reached, a non-refundable deposit is due prior to beginning commission. Remaining balance is due upon completion, prior to mailing. 

Please note: Anything not listed above, may be discussed - just ask!